In the IFA alpaca judging system, no fiber goes to waste & no program is without its value.

Because of your hard work, the demand for alpaca fiber is steadily increasing, simultaneously creating opportunities for programs to supply the growing markets seeking all grades of fiber.

With an emphasis on nurturing a more sustainable industry, IFA recognizes the value of efficiently producing desired genetics, healthy stock, and increased fiber yields. Therefore, under Innovative Fleece Assessment, the primary criteria of judging is placed on fiber uniformity, fiber quality & length in their respective grades.

As alpaca breeders, we rightfully take pride in sharing our successes. As part of the IFA judging process, you receive invaluable data-driven information provided by professionally trained judges – information you can take to help you make decisions to evolve your programs relative to the end-use you choose.

For more information on the system, its advantages and how it may be different than what you’re currently used to, check out the handy infographic and the videos below, where IFA creator and international alpaca judge Amanda Vandenbosch of Flying Dutchman Alpacas and Stanford Livestock International explains the system, as well as the scorecard that IFA uses.

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Let’s Evolve Together & Open Up New Opportunities With IFA!

IFA Innovative Fleece Assessment The Evolution of Alpaca Judging Infographic
IFA Innovative Fleece Assessment Alpaca Judging Detailed Explanation & Scorecard Analysis Coming Soon
IFA Evolution of Alpaca Judging Sample Scorecard & Assessment


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